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Botanic Garden Student Educator Program


The Botanic Garden Student Educator (BoGSE) program began with the observation and in recognition that the educational work at the botanic garden benefits from the contributions of a diversity of students. The program consists of a student cohort hired to amplify the educational efforts of the botanic garden by facilitating events, projects and collaborations aimed at connecting more people—students, staff and visitors—to our work. 

BoGSEs are an integral part of programming at the botanic garden. They provide peer-to-peer workshops and instruction, plan and execute events (often in collaboration with campus partners), assist with interpretive and educational projects, provide visitor engagement, represent the botanic garden at events, and support the Learning Garden. They also curate an original exhibit as a group project.


BoGSEs are:

• Passionate about plants and want to share their enthusiasm with others.
• Strong communicators who work well both independently and as part of a team.
• Interested in education, outreach, visitor engagement and/or museum studies.
• Have a desire to work in support of environmental and social justice through botanical education.  
• Bring diverse background and lived experiences to the position.


The number of BoGSEs hired each year changes. For the 2024-25 academic year, four BogSEs will be hired. 

After completing trainings BoGSEs will: 

  • Provide peer-to-peer workshops and instruction
  • Support the Learning Garden
  • Plan and execute events often in collaboration with campus partners
  • Assist with interpretive and educational projects 
  • Provide visitor engagement and represent the Botanic Garden at events
  • Curate an exhibit as a group

The BoGSE program does not do horticultural work in Lyman Plant Houses or in the gardens. 

However, BoGSEs support the Learning Garden, a student-led community garden. BoGSEs may be asked to: water, weed, harvest, start plants, and lead workshops in this space. Two BoGSEs will be co-coordinators of the Learning Garden, although all BoGSEs will support the space. Please indicate on your application if you would like to be considered for a Learning Garden position. 

  • Work study students are given priority, though non work-study students are welcome to apply. All candidates will be reviewed.  
  • Students can work up to 10 hours in work study positions. BoGSE positions are typically an 8-10 hour commitment weekly.

  • The BoGSE program runs for the entire academic year and students must commit to both semesters. This is because the fall is training intensive and spring is when you put your training into action. 
  • BoGSEs are expected to fill 8-10 hours of work each week.There are mandatory Friday training sessions from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, which count towards these hours. 
  • BoGSEs must be available for regular weekend shifts (typically one or two a month). 

BoGSE Projects


Students Become the Teachers through the Botanic Garden Student Educators Program

At the botanic garden, we teach the practice of close observation, believing that carefully looking at stems, leaves and flowers provides a pathway for understanding the whole plant and its role in the greater system. We take this attention to the individual and apply it beyond the plants we study to the students we work with, acknowledging that like the flora surrounding us, each student also offers something unique and essential to the community.

The BoGSE program began with this observation and in recognition that our educational work benefits from the contributions of a diversity of students.

Read this article published in the 2023 issue of Leaflet.


You can learn more by checking out the BoGSE FAQ doc. 

Ready to apply? Here's the application.

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