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Annual Flower Shows

Bulb Show

For the last hundred years, Smith College traditions have included two seasonal shows in the Lyman Conservatory. Each spring is welcomed with the Spring Bulb Show beginning the first Saturday in March, and every autumn is celebrated with a Fall Chrysanthemum Show, which begins the first Saturday in November.

Spring Bulb Show

A spectacular array of blossoming crocuses, hyacinths, narcissi, irises, lilies and tulips as well as non-hardy South African Bulbs provide an early glimpse of spring at Smith College’s Lyman Conservatory.

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bulb show
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Fall Chrysanthemum Show

Botanic garden staff and horticulture students begin preparing for the Chrysanthemum Show months ahead to ensure that everything is ready opening night. Learn more on the horticultural techniques used for the show, as well as its century-long history.