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At the Botanic Garden of Smith College, teaching and learning are at the heart of our work. We invite learners to create meaning and build knowledge from their experiences with our staff, spaces, collections and gardens. Through the unique lens of plants, ecology and the history of botanical study, we hope to inspire learners to develop the knowledge and passion needed to act in support of building a more sustainable, equitable and just world.



We are a botanic garden for the liberal arts. This means that we work with nearly every department on campus, connecting students to our spaces and collections through diverse academic lenses. Do you want support in figuring out how to study plants at Smith? Learn more.


The botanic garden is the living laboratory for a variety of courses as well as numerous research projects. As faculty, there are a number of ways the botanic garden can enhance your work, from class visits to collection research to our Curricular Enhancement Program. Learn more about how to connect with the garden.


K-12 Educators

We welcome all age groups into the garden for learning which is why our doors are open to school groups for guided tours or self-guided visits. Learn more


Learning and Engagement Plan Guides Educational Approach and Focus for the Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden of Smith College published its very first Learning and Engagement Plan (LEP) in 2023. The LEP is anchored in the botanic garden’s larger strategic plan, 125 Years in the Making: 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, as well as within the mission of Smith College, which links the power of the liberal arts to excellence in research and scholarship, thereby developing engaged global citizens and leaders to address society’s challenges. 

The LEP defines our vision for teaching and learning at the botanic garden, shares the approaches and strategies we will use to realize that vision, and outlines topics—Science, Culture and Place—and accompanying themes that our educational programming and interpretation will focus on in years to come. 

Read more.