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2023 Mum Hall of Fame Winner


red and yellow mum

Published November 27, 2023

We're pleased to announce the 2023 Mum Show Hall of Fame Winner: Chase Ryan-Embry '23! 

Ryan-Embry's mum, voting mum #55, received 208 votes out of 2059 total votes. Congrats to Ryan-Embry who is joining the long line of Smithies that have been inducted into the Mum Show Hall of Fame, a tradition dating back to the 1920s. 

Ryan-Embry is pictured below with Experiential Learning Specialist Gaby Immerman, engaged in the mum hybridization activity that produces the student mums. This activity is part of Immerman's BIO 125: Plants in the Landscape curriculum. During this horticultural activity students gather pollen from the current show, clip off petals to expose reproductive flower structures, and get to work on creating hybrids for the next year's show.

making mum hybrids