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Lyman Plant House & Conservatory  

There is much to see at the botanic garden. Between Lyman Plant House exhibitions, Lyman Conservatory plant collections, the Campus Arboretum, and Campus Gardens, you can spend many hours exploring.

Regular Hours:
Monday through Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Closed on major holidays and for the Smith College winter break, which runs from 12/23 through 1/2.


There is one designated handicapped parking space in front of Lyman Plant House. We have two wheelchair-accessible entrances and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. There is a lift in the front of the building that goes between the lower level Church Exhibition Gallery and the reception area. All but one of the greenhouses (Fern House) are wheelchair-accessible. Routes for going through Lyman Conservatory and avoiding stairs can be found on our accessibility floor plan available at the front desk. Most of the paths are paved around the campus. If you have other accessibility-related questions, please feel free to contact us before your visit.

For more information about general campus accessibility, please visit the Disability Services website.  


The Campus Center Café is currently open to the campus community only. Check back later for updates or visit their website.

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The botanic garden is a college campus and a living museum, different from a park or recreation area. We are recognized for our diverse collection, which includes fragile, rare, and endangered plants. For everyone's enjoyment, for your safety, and for the protection of the plants, we ask:

  • Minors must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • View and enjoy, but do not pick anything.
  • Stay on paths and out of planting beds, and please do not climb trees.
  • Use caution on wet greenhouse walkways and watch out for water hoses.
  • Conditions in the greenhouses may be hot and humid, and bees may be present. Please be aware if this poses a risk to your health.
  • Do not touch the plants; many may cause allergic reactions.
  • Do not eat plants or fruits; many are poisonous.
  • Supervise children carefully; no running or shouting, please.
  • No strollers or backpacks in the Lyman Conservatory.
  • No pets in the Lyman Conservatory or in the Happy Chace ’28 Garden, the Rock Garden, the Systematics Garden, or Capen Garden. In other areas of campus dogs must be leashed. Please clean up after your dog, as per City of Northampton ordinance.
  • No picnicking in the Systematics Garden, Rock Garden, Capen Garden, Happy Chace ’28 Garden, or Japanese Garden.
  • Enjoy the quiet and do not disturb the relaxing nature of the garden.
Plan your Visit

"Smith College, my alma mater, has a vibrant and lush botanical garden that attracts people from all around the world. . It's an extraordinary garden that’s teaming with plant life."


Dorian Rogers Winslow, Smith Class of 1978