Botanic Garden Intern Brittany Innis '13

Summer Research Projects 2010, 2011, 2012

Mill River Invasive Species Mitigation Project


Funded by the Gayle E. Maloney Garden Internship Fund

Using GIS software, tag, map, and track populations of invasive species in target areas above and below Paradise Pond on the Mill River. Propose and implement eradication plans in conjunction with technicians from the New England Wildflower Society.


Funded by Facilities Management/CEEDS

Continued work on Mill River invasive species mitigation. Coordinate NEWFS (New England Wildflower Society) workdays, track and map removals, issue final report. Connect Smith College’s efforts to larger Mill River Greenway initiative.


Funded by Facilities Management

Continued work on Mill River invasive species mitigation.  Lead workshops off-campus on invasive plant ID and removal.

Brittany Innis '13