Student Publications

Kew Intern Publications

The students' research projects often result in scientific publications on which the Smith interns are listed as co-authors. Below is a listing of such publications. 

student in lab student in lab

Refereed publications featuring Kew Interns as authors

Laura J. Kelly, Andrew R. Leitch, James J. Clarkson, Robin B. Hunter*, Sandra Knapp, and Mark W. Chase. (2009). Intragenic Recombination Events and Evidence for Hybrid Speciation in Nicotiana (Solanaceae). Molecular Biology and Evolution. doi:10.1093/molbev/msp267 
*Robin Bennett '08

Rønsted, N., Law, S., Thornton, H., Fay, M. F. & Chase M. W. (2005). Molecular phylogenetic evidence for the monophyly of Fritillaria and Lilium (Liliaceae; Liliales) and the infrageneric classification of Fritillaria. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 35: 509-527

Fay, M. F., Qamaruz-Zaman, F., Cowan, R. S. & Thornton, H. (2002). Molecular techniques for orchid conservation genetic studies. In J. Clark, W. M. Elliott, G. Tingley & J. Biro (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th World Orchid Conference, Vancouver Orchid Society, Vancouver. 152-157.

Ingrouille, M. J., Bowman, D., Fay, M. F., van der Bank, M. & Chase, M. W. (2002). Systematics of Vitaceae from the viewpoint of plastid rbcL DNA sequence data. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 138: 421-432.

Maunder, M., Cowan, R. S., Stranc, P. & Fay, M. F. (2001). The genetic status and conservation management of two cultivated bulb species extinct in the wild:Tecophilaea cyanocrocus (Chile) and Tulipa sprengeri (Turkey). Conservation Genetics, 2: 193-201.

Richardson, J.E., Fay, M. F., Cronk, Q. C. B., Bowman, D. & Chase, M. W. (2000). A molecular analysis of Rhamnaceae using rbcL and trnL-F plastid DNA sequences. American Journal of Botany, 87: 1309-1324. 

Fay, M. F., Lledó, M. D., Kornblum, M. M. & Crespo, M. B. (1999). From the waters of Babylon? Populus euphratica in Spain is clonal and probably introduced. Biodiversity and Conservation, 8: 769-778.

Cox, A., Abdelnour, G., Bennett, M. & I. Leitch. 1998. Genome size and karyotype evolution in the slipper orchids (Cypripedioideae: Orchidaceae). American Journal of Botany, 85: 681-687.

Other publications, reports, and abstracts featuring Kew Interns as authors

Stevens, Laura J., A. J. Campbell, Robyn S. Cowan, and Michael F. Fay. (2010) Preliminary study to detect genetic variation within Dactylorhiza viridis using plastid microsatellites. Report to English Nature. RBG Kew. Read the report.

Fay, M. F., Kuntz, E. and Cowan, R. S. (2001). Genetic fingerprinting studies of Carex muricata subsp. muricataReport to English Nature. RBG Kew.

Fay, M. F., Thornton, H. and Cowan, R. S. (1998). Genetic fingerprinting of British populations of Cephalanthera longifolia: a project for Plantlife. RBG Kew.

Fay, M. F., Richardson, J. E., Cowan, R. S. and Stranc, P. A. (1999). The application of genetic fingerprinting techniques to plant conservation problems. Proceedings of the 5th International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress.

Fay, M. F., Borland, K., Stranc, P. and Chase, M. W.. Phylogenetics of the genus Tulipa (Liliaceae): evidence from five plastid DNA regions. Read the abstract (see page 112)

Smithsonian Intern Publications

Kress, W.J., Garcia-Robled, C., Soares, J.V.B.,  Jacobs, D., Wilson, K. , Lopez, I., Belhumeur, C.P. (2018). Citizen Science and Climate Change: Mapping the Range Expansions of Native and Exotic Plants with the Mobile App Leafsnap, BioScience, Volume 68, Issue 5, 1 May 2018, Pages 348–358,

Other Student Publications

Nicholson R., Munn DX. 2003. Observations on the propagation of Taxus globosa Schltdl. Boletín de la Sociedad Botánica de México [Bulletin of the Botanical Society of Mexico]. 72: 129–130. View online

Nicholson R, Garcia-Biao B. 1999. Observations on the propagation of Cupressus dupreziana, an endemic conifer of the Sahara Desert. Botanic Garden Conservation International News. 3 (3): 49–50. View online

Garcia-Bailo B, Determann R, Nicholson R,Sojkowski S. 1998. The ex situ conservation of stinking cedar. Public Garden. 13(3). View online

Sprinkle J, Nicholson R. 1995. Grafting trifoliate maples. Proceedings of the International Plant Propagators Society. 45: 508–512. View abstract

The names in bold were Smith students.