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A picture of a student in the Succulent Greenhouse holding a cactus.


Published monthly, Digitalis helps you stay up-to-date on the latest news from the botanic garden, including information about our exhibitions, speaker events, and flower shows. If you are receiving Digitalis, it's because you have previously supported our work, visited on a tour, attended one of our events, or signed up online. We hope you enjoy reading along.



Our printed newsletter, Botanic Garden News, debuted in spring 1998 and was published twice a year, spring and fall until the fall of 2018. It includes articles by students, staff, faculty and volunteers. The newsletter features highlights of our plant collection as well as updates on our programs and exhibitions, student activities, and campus projects. Members of the Friends of the Botanic Garden received each issue by mail.
Archive of past issues

Index Seminum

Published annually, this list is shared with other botanical institutions around the world. Tropical and temperate seed are made available through this seed exchange program, and germplasm is shared with researchers around the world.
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Historical Publications

William Francis Ganong, the botanic garden's first director as well as professor of botany, set the stage with his scientific and research publications and botany textbooks, which were used across the country.
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Research Publications

Various publications have featured botanical and horticultural research conducted at the botanic garden.

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Student Publications

Research conducted by interns at the botanic garden as well as those on botanic garden sponsored internships at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in London, has resulted in publications with Smith students as co-authors.
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Lynden Miller, Smith Class of 1960, Public Garden Designer