Plant Collections

Our living plant collection consists of:

  • 1800 types of woody trees and shrubs
  • 2000 types of hardy herbaceous plants
  • 2200 types of tender herbaceous and woody plants in the Lyman Conservatory
  • 6000 different kinds of plants, with altogether approximately 9000 total on campus

Search the Collections

Search our collection of over 6,600 different plants and access information from our plant records database, mapping system, and image database. 
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Collections Management

Botanic Garden plant collections need to be correctly identified, documented, mapped, and labeled to serve our goals of display, education, research, and conservation. Information management systems support not only plant recordkeeping, but also plant monitoring and maintenance systems.
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Nearly 60,000 mounted plant specimens in the Smith College Herbarium serve as a reference collection, teaching aids, and as a historical archive.
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Index Seminum

Smith participates in a seed exchange between botanical institutions around the globe. In existence for well over a century, this program enables developing gardens to expand their collections, encourages genetic diversity in collections, and makes for plant collections worldwide that are more useful for research, education, and conservation.
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Invasive Plant Species

What is an invasive exotic plant and what are they doing in botanic gardens? 
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