The plant collection is central to all that we do at the Botanic Garden of Smith College. Amazing plants from all over the world bloom throughout the seasons!

Over 6,000 documented, labeled, and mapped plants are broadly representative of both native and non-native species, ranging from cultivars of landscape plants to wild-collected species with provenance that underpins our conservation efforts.

Outdoor Gardens

The 147 acre campus includes an arboretum and gardens, all part of the Smith's Botanic Garden, combining the best of art and science.
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Lyman Conservatory

For over 100 years, the Lyman Conservatory has been bringing the plants of the world to New England, and offering the plants of New England to the world.
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Campus Arboretum

The Campus Arboretum, a living museum of woody plants, creates a pastoral environment for academic endeavors, but it is also documented and labeled for the edification and enjoyment of generations to come.
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Plant Collections

Our living plant collection is maintained as a scientific collection consisting of hardy woody trees and shrubs, hardy herbaceous plants, and tender herbaceous and woody plants in the Lyman Conservatory. All accessioned plants are carefully identified and documented, labeled, and carefully cultivated and maintained.
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stewartia flower, white petals with purple stamens and blue anthers

Stewartia malacodendron


Living in New York City, I look back with wonder at the luxury of having a botanical garden for our campus at Smith.   The Lyman Plant House was my go-to place for serenity.  There is a very old fragrant olive tree there and I couldn’t wait for it to flower each year.  I still visit that tree.


Susan Goodall, Smith Class of 1983