Papermaking Studio with 2021 Summer Interns

Smith students, Sasha Zeidenberg '22 and Olivia Davis '22, piloted the creation of a papermaking studio in Capen greenhouse. One of the hands-on experiences for students this summer, it was a collaboration between the Botanic Garden and the Design Thinking Initiative. The plan is that the studio will be available to students for the foreseeable future.
Sasha, a biological sciences major, is a summer intern at the Botanic Garden. As Botanic Garden Summer Interns, students can take on special projects as a portion of the internship. Over the thirteen plus years of the program, students have done everything from assisting in garden redesign to designing curriculum materials for young visitors to the Botanic Garden. 
Olivia, an English language and literature major with a concentration in book studies, is an intern with the Design Thinking Initiative. 

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Sasha Zeidenberg '22 and Olivia Davis '22 in the Capen greenhouse papermaking studio