2019 Student Hybrid Winner

The winning moment? 
The 2019  hybrid Chrysanthemum contest winner was number 52,  created by Denisse Manzo Gonzalez, Class of 2022. Congratulations to Denisse!
Winners are inducted into the Hall of Fame, part of the online exhibit, Smith Chrysanthemums: Hybrid Alums. Pictured below is the winning hybrid.

2019 Chrysanthemum hybrid winner, number 52

Every year, students in the horticulture class lab, make hybrid crosses from plants in the Chrysanthemum Show.  Seed is collected and grown for the following year's show during which visitors vote on their favorites. 
In addition to taking the horticulture class, Denisse worked as the Curatorial Intern at the Botanic Garden.


Denisse Manzo Gonzalez, '22 hybridizing a mum during horticulture class.