New Chief Arborist

In the summer of 2014, then University of Massachusetts, arboriculture student Ben Green joined the Botanic Garden’s summer internship program. He quickly drew the respect, admiration and gratitude of both the staff and his fellow interns. During his summer with us, he exhibited the ideal mix of qualities that would make him succeed on our team and we hated to see him go when the fall semester began. It is with great excitement that we welcome him back as our chief arborist!

Ben earned an Associate degree in 2014 in arboriculture and community forest management in and a B.S. at UMass with a concentration in arboriculture and urban forestry in 2016. After graduating, Ben remained immersed in arboriculture endeavors, including full time work locally with Dostal Tree Service.

Ben told us that his internship at Smith was a major pivoting moment as he assessed what he wanted his future to look like after graduating. His diverse experience showed us that he was a natural mentor to his peers and would be very capable of meeting our department’s goals in supporting student learning and engagement in our gardens and the arboretum.

The respect and genuine love Ben has always shown for the plant collection curated by the Botanic Garden, give us confidence that our trees are in good hands. If you see Ben on campus, please stop and say “Hello.” He’ll be happy to talk trees and shrubs with you. If you know our current outdoor staff — Jeff Rankin and Nate Saxe — then you know we have a crew that is as friendly as it is talented. It is safe to say that Ben will fit in perfectly.

Botanic Garden Chief Arborist Benjamin Green