Memorial & Honorial Opportunities

Making a significant financial donation to honor or memorialize a loved one, colleague, or friend is a deeply personal act that is about more than a plaque. It is about doing good as a tribute to those who have impacted our personal journeys in significant ways. 

The Botanic Garden of Smith College knows this and offers several truly unique opportunities to show someone you care about them or to honor their memory while contributing to the greater good. Through both the Memorial & Honorial Tree program and the Intern Scholarship program, your gift can become a living legacy in the form of a specimen tree or a foundational student experience.

Memorial and honorial tree sponsorship and internship opportunities start at $5,000 with 100% of the donation supporting the Botanic Garden of Smith College. Smaller donations may be given to the Friends of the Botanic Garden in the name of  a person or group as well.

Memorial & Honorial Trees
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Carol T. Christ, president of Smith College 2002-2013
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