Memorial & Honorial Benches

Please note that during the library renovations there will be a moratorium on new memorial/honorial bench installations.

The Landscape Master Plan for the campus designates certain areas that are appropriate for the installation of benches. Although these are limited, we occasionally are able to offer a memorial bench option. Memorial benches are either wood or stone (granite or a similar stone), depending on the site and building architecture in the area. In order to maintain the appropriate aesthetic on the campus, the style of the bench is chosen by the Botanic Garden in conjunction with architects and/or the College Planning Committee using the Landscape Master Plan as a general guide.

The minimum donation level required for a memorial bench made from wood or wood and metal is $5,000. Specially designed benches, e.g. those that wrap around trees, those with attached arbors, etc., will cost more than a standard sitting bench. The donation for memorial benches includes the upkeep of the bench. This may involve periodic cleaning, plaque replacement, and in the case of some wooden benches, the removal of the bench from the grounds and the transport to winter storage facilities.

Memorial benches will remain on the grounds until they become unsafe or unacceptable from an aesthetic standpoint. If a bench has to be removed, the donor will be informed. If the donor chooses to replace the bench, a replacement bench can be provided at the donation level that is stated in the most current memorial policy of the Botanic Garden. The Botanic Garden keeps a list of all memorial bench opportunities and they are offered on a first come first served basis.