Woods of the World

Lyman Plant House

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What is the Woods of the World Exhibit?

The Woods of the World permanent exhibit consists of 178 unique woods from all parts of the globe and hangs from the walls and ceiling near the north entrance of Lyman Plant House.

The wood samples on display have a clear protective finish but are not stained. Aging will change the colors over time.

Deforestation, poaching and global warming are placing many tree species at risk. It is only through sustainable harvesting, reforestation and habitat preservation that many useful and beautiful woods will be available for future generations.

Information Panels

These panels introduce the Woods of the World display, show examples of figure (patterns) in wood and wood grain and give information on cork.  View Information Panels.

Photo Gallery

A gallery of images of the Woods of the World and Elm Section permanent displays. View Photo Gallery.

Wood Sample List

Lists; by scientific name, common name and number,  of the 178 woods in the Woods of the World permanent display. View Wood Sample lists.

Elm Section Display

A section of an American elm (Ulmus americana) trunk hanging on the north hallway wall above the water fountains. The display includes numbered markers pointing to the corresponding annual ring on the elm section  which indicate the year of significant events that occured during the elm's lifetime.
View Elm Section Display.