Photomicroscopy of Conservatory Microbes

Saturday, March 5, 2011 to Friday, September 30, 2011
Church Exhibition Gallery, Lyman Plant House

Intro | Photomicroscopy Projects

Projects by students in Laboratory for Microbial Diversity, BIO 371

All around us a world of diverse microbial life abounds. A variety of microorganisms is associated with the plant kingdom. Hence, the collection of plants growing in varying conditions in the Lyman Conservatory provides an exciting opportunity for students to discover and study a wide range of organisms.

As Instructor of Laboratories and Microscopy Facility Manager, Judith Wopereis used the Botanic Garden's Curricular Enhancement Program to redesign her laboratory  for Microbial Diversity (BIO 371).

Students in the class learned techniques for collecting, culturing, identifying, analyzing and photographing organisms. They used a variety of microscopy techniques to document the beauty of the diverse microorganisms that they found in different environments associated with plants. These included pitcher plant traps (where prey is caught),the "cups"of bromeliads (formed by the rosette of overlapping leaves),and root and leaf surfaces.