Botanical Fragrance: From Plants to Perfume

Sunday, May 1, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Physiology House, Lyman Plant House

Scent is an integral part of communities from around the world, from incense used in prayer to fragrant flowers offered as a sign of love, to the $30 billion perfume industry. The world of plants is central to this industry, supplying essential oils derived from flowers, barks and roots, supplying inspiration and imagery, and supplying molecules that can be manipulated into something new to the human nose. Perfumes available in the market are often a combination of different scents obtained from different plants, creating unique fragrances.

This exhibition focuses on the complexities of fragrance, featuring a collection of plants traditionally used in the perfumer's palette. We have tied each one to the distinct perfumes of French master, Serge Lutens.

Come visit the Lyman Conservatory for an exploration into this fascinating corner of botany and sample a fine French fragrance, Datura Noir.

Curated by Botanic Garden Intern Shabnam Kapur '16 Click HERE for a video interview with Shabnam by the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Gardenia species flower