Arbor Day Lecture

Monday, April 30, 2018
Conference Center Oak Room

Nature's Temples: Understanding and Honoring Old-growth Forests
by Joan Maloof
7:00 pm in the Smith Conference Center Oak Room

What do you know about the forest cover of the planet, and of Massachusetts specifically? Are we gaining forest land or losing forest land? Are there any untouched forests left? If so, where could you experience one? Why are ancient forests so important and how can we preserve the ones that are left? In this Arbor Day talk we will turn our attention to the silent plants and animals who cannot speak for themselves. We will take some time to connect with our forest heritage and imagine a greener future.

Joan Maloof is a writer, an ecologist and a conservationist with a unique voice in today’s times. She has studied and worked with plants her entire life; her formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in Plant Science, a master’s degree in Environmental Science, and a Doctorate in Ecology. She is a professor emeritus at Salisbury University where she taught Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies. Maloof has published numerous research articles in publications such as Ecology; American Journal of Botany; and the International Journal of Environmental Studies.

Maloof’s books include Teaching the Trees (2005), Among the Ancients (2011), Nature’s Temples: the Complex World of Old-Growth Forests (2016), and The Living Forest: A Visual Journey into the
Heart of the Woods

In addition to her research and writing, Maloof founded an organization with the goal of creating a network of protected forests across the US. That organization, the Old-Growth Forest Network, now has thousands of supporters. Maloof travels widely to educate others regarding the extent and condition of our forests, and encourage their preservation.