Botanic Garden Work Study Positions

Work study positions at the Botanic Garden are popular and tend to fill quickly. Any open positions are posted in Workday. 

Positions include:

  • Conservatory assistant
  • Outdoor gardens assistant
  • Curatorial assistant
  • Label engraver
  • Office assistant/receptionist
  • Web designer

This is a listing of all positions, but does not indicate that the position is currently open. If you see a position in which you are interested, you can check on Workday and see whether we are still seeking to fill that position.


We require that all students work in minimum of two hour blocks of time. All indoor positions require students to work Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. For outdoor positions, the hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Botanic Garden Staff, including Manager of Education, Business Operations Coordinator, Conservatory Curator, Landscape Curator, and Manager of Living Collections, provide supervision for student workers.

Position Descriptions:

Label Engraver 

Trained by Manager of Living Collections to use our engraving machine, this student works on producing metal accession labels for our outdoor plant collection and plastic display labels. Good computer skills and attention to detail is needed. Some knowledge of plant taxonomy is helpful.

Curatorial Assistant 

Trained by Manager of Living Collections, this student works on documenting our plant collections: research on plant accessions, database data entry, and analyzing data for accuracy. Also involves mapping and measuring specimens, as well as assessing specimen health. Coursework in plant systematics and excellent computer skills needed.

Conservatory Assistant 

This student works with the Lyman Conservatory staff and assists with various projects as assigned in the greenhouses. Gardening experience and familiarity with plants is needed as well as a willingness to get dirty.

Office Assistant/Receptionist

This student works at the Reception Desk at the Lyman Plant House greeting visitors, performing merchandise sales, distributing audio tours, answering the phone etc., and helping with a variety of office tasks including inventorying merchandise, mailings, processing memberships, typing envelopes for seed orders and assisting with preparing the Index Seminum document, preparing education materials, calling and scheduling volunteers, xeroxing and shredding documents, and other tasks as assigned. This position requires enjoying working with the public, excellent computer skills, good organizational skills, and attention to detail.

Outdoor Garden Assistant

Trained by the garden staff, this student is assigned to various tasks in the outdoor gardens and campus arboretum. Gardening experience and familiarity with plants is needed as well as a willingness to get dirty.

Web Designer

Assists with maintaining the Botanic Garden web pages and adding new features to the Botanic Garden's web site. Requires familiarity with web design, Drupal, Photoshop, and HTML. 

I never formally interviewed at Smith but did visit campus with my Pop. The thing I remember was climbing the three steps to Lyman Plant House. No plants, just the door and entrance. Little did I know where that world in a garden would take me over a lifetime of botanical learning.


Constance Parks, Smith Class of 1983