Kew Internship Application Form

Application deadline: January 17, 2020

Please note that you must have a valid passport to apply for this internship. Once the internships are awarded, students must immediately begin the visa application process.

*Fields with an asterisk are required.

Students must submit the following by email to Sarah Loomis:

  • A concise letter of intent, up to two pages in length (one page is fine), describing how the research experience at Kew will benefit you and fit in with your career plans.
  • A standard scientific resume including the following:
         1. list of relevant courses taken in biology, chemistry and biochemistry
         2. list of laboratory skills learned in various courses (be specific and give details)
  • A transcript of your coursework (bannerweb pdf is fine)
  • Letters of recommendation from two faculty members.

Please indicate below who is writing references for you:

For more information contact:

Sarah Loomis, Manager of Education 
Lyman Plant House