Since 1875, when Botany was first offered to students at Smith, many plant science courses have stimulated students' minds. The Botanic Garden now collaborates with Smith faculty in all disciplines -- sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts. Students have exciting and valuable opportunities to work directly with living plants as part of their academic studies. There are many choices of courses that involve plants, gardens, and horticulture.

A sampling of course offerings

ANT 226 Archeology of Food
ARH 315 Studies in Roman Art
ARH 352 Studies in Art History: Art and Natural History c.1250–1650
BIO 125  Horticulture: Plants in the Landscape Practicum
BIO 122/123 Horticulture: Botany for Gardeners
BIO 154/155 Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation
BIO 206/207 Plant Physiology
BIO 264/265 Plant Diversity and Evolution
BIO 364/365 Plant Ecology
CLT 288 Bitter Homes and Gardens: Domestic Space and Domestic Discord in Three Modern Women Novelists
EAL 231 The Culture of the Lyric in Traditional China
EGR 315 Ecohydrology
FYS 122 Eden and Other Gardens
LSS 100 Landscape, Environment and Design
LSS105 Introduction to Landscape Studies
LSS 250 Landscape and Narrative
MUX 118 The History and Critical Issues of Museums