FYS 122 Eden and Other Gardens

First Year Seminar
Faculty:  Nancy Bradbury

Fall 2014

The intellectual framework for this course is cultural studies: students use methods of close analysis once reserved for canonical literature to "read" gardens, as well as representations of gardens in fiction, poetry, film, popular songs, and nonfiction.

By engaging students academically with the Smith campus their very first semester, this course provides a good introduction to Smith. Through self-designed research projects, each student "reads" a chosen campus or local garden. Students see and photograph their chosen garden, and research why it is there, who designed it and for whom, who frequents it and who cares for it, how its meaning has changed over time, and what connections they can make with the readings.

Information sources may include College Archives, Botanic Garden publications, and interviews with present and former caretakers of campus and other gardens.

rock garden scene