Curricular Enhancement Application

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Botanic Garden Curricular Enhancement Application 

The intent of the Curricular Enhancement Program is to assist faculty in making meaningful connections between their courses and the resources of the Botanic Garden. Faculty (and teams of faculty) in any discipline are invited to submit proposals for the development of new courses or the significant modification of existing courses. Faculty can receive stipends, supplemental course funds, and additional in-kind services from Botanic Garden staff.

Faculty Information

Course Information

Educational Outcomes

Please articulate the educational outcomes that you anticipate from your proposed curricular modifications and enhancements, please connect them to the Botanic Garden mission (when feasible).

Stipend and Budget

Faculty stipends are offered at two scales: full semester ($1000) and half-semester ($500).
Stipends are accompanied by supplemental course funds up to $500. Supplemental course
funds may be used for field trips, outside speakers, a stipend for a community partner, or the
purchase of supplies. We understand this may be an approximation at this point.