ARS 269 Offset Printmaking I

Department:  Studio Art
Faculty:  Dwight Pogue

Fall 2007

Students created prints based on following the development of chrysanthemums in the Lyman Conservatory from the beginning of the semester through the Chrysanthemum Show in November. Students made sketches and drawings which became the basis for their lithographs and monotypes.

They studied mum flower morphology by dissecting flowers under a microscope and making hybrid crosses. They also researched chrysanthemums and their use in literature, poetry, music, science, and art. A selection of the students' prints was exhibited at the Lyman Conservatory as Chrysanthemums: Lithographs and Monotypes, January 23-March 23, 2008. Course funds contributed to exhibition expenses.

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Chrysanthemum lithograph

Lithograph by
Syretha Brooks '08