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The Botanic Garden is the living laboratory for a variety of courses as well as numerous research projects. Students have valuable and exciting opportunities to work directly with living plants as part of their academic studies.

All departments and students are encouraged to incorporate the campus landscape and our collection of living plants into your studies. Let us know how we can help you.

Curricular Enhancement Program

The intent of the Curricular Enhancement Program is to assist faculty in making meaningful connections between their courses and the many resources of the Botanic Garden. Faculty (and teams of faculty) in any discipline are invited to submit proposals for the development of new courses or the significant modification of existing courses.

The Curricular Enhancement Program provides stipends and supplemental course funds to support the development of new or revised courses or portions of courses utilizing the Botanic Garden and its resources.

Application deadlines are November 5 and  March 25  for courses to run in any of the three subsequent semesters. Applicants must meet with Sarah Loomis, Manager of Education, prior to submitting an application to learn more about the Botanic Garden resources and to discuss preliminary ideas.

For more information, click on the links below or contact Sarah Loomis.

Courses past and present