Friends of the Botanic Garden Advisory Committee

Betsy Anderson,Class of 2004 (Alumnae Outreach Subcommittee Chair)
Landscape Architect, National Park Service

Syretha Brooks, Class of 2008
Horticulturist, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Susan Goodall, Class of 1983 (Development Board Subcommittee Chair)
Independent Business Consultant

Mary Ellen Hannibal, Class of 1981
Freelance Author and Advocate Focusing on Nature and the Environment

Alex K. Julius, Class of 2009
Industry Education Manager, International Society of Arboriculture

Shirley Mah Kooyman, Class of 1973
Botanist, Natural Shore Technologies

Elizabeth McCarthy, Class of 2006
Assistant Professor, SUNY Cortland 

Constance Ann Parks , Class of 1983
Freelance botanist and editor

Rachel Rock-Blake, Class of 2009
Former Assistant Curator, New York Botanical Garden

Sue Ann Schiff, Class of 1969 (Chair)
Former Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society

Ex Officio

Kathleen McCartney, President, Smith College

Susan Komroff Cohen (co-founder), Class of 1962, Landscape Architect

Paula Deitz (co-founder), Class of 1959, Editor, Hudson Review

Lynden Breed Miller, Class of 1960, Public Garden Designer

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Class of 1944, Landscape Architect

Shavaun Towers, Class of 1971, Landscape Architect

I have come to enjoy and respect the work of the Botanic Garden more every year. The outdoor gardens are lovely and substantive. The Lyman Conservatory is packed with interesting plants and the shows each spring and fall are spectacular. The staff is wonderful. It is the ideal small Botanic Garden packed with opportunities to learn about horticulture and beautiful too. 


Lynden Breed Miller, Class of 1960, Public Garden Designer