Landscape Master Plan

The Landscape Master Plan (LMP) of Smith College was approved by the Board of Trustees in 1996. The plan evolved from the Landscape Mission Statement formulated by President Mary Maples Dunn, with the aim of providing comprehensive guidelines and recommendations for preserving our historic Olmstedian landscape and also managing future growth of the campus.

The Smith College landscape is a constructed environment. When we are careful, it is artful; and if we are thoughtful, it will be shaped by an ideal vision. An ideal landscape composition cannot be created whole; once created it cannot be maintained in static form. It changes in response to the requirements of the people who inhabit it. College campuses are ordinarily designed with an unusual intentionality. Smith College's campus adds to usefulness and beauty a commitment to use the landscape as an integral part of the educational mission.             Mary Maples Dunn, June 1995

The Landscape Archtecture firm of Rolland/Towers, collaborating with Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, prepared Smith's Landscape Master Plan in three phases. We were fortunate to have one of the top landscape architecture firms in the country working with us. For many years, Shavaun Towers (Smith class of 1971), of Towers/Golde in New Haven, CT, served as the College Landscape Architect.

Towers and Oberlander . . . reconceived the role of the landscape in the aesthetic, scientific, and cultural life of the College.


Nina Antonetti