Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Botanic Garden open to the public?

Absolutely! See Hours

Is the Conservatory wheelchair accessible?

Yes! There is one designated handicapped parking space in front of the Lyman Plant House. Two of the three front entrances to the Lyman Plant House and Conservatory are wheelchair accessible and the restrooms are accessible. There is a lift in the front of the building that goes between the lower level Church Exhibition Gallery and the Reception area. All but one of the greenhouses (the Fern House) are accessible. Routes for going through the Lyman Conservatory and avoiding stairs are shown on our accessibility map.

How do I get there and where do I park?

See our Directions and Parking page for detailed information.

Do you sell plants or seeds? 

Generally, no. After the Spring Bulb Show we sell pots of bulbs from the show. Occasionally we have sales of excess plant material. Those sales are announced to our Friends of the Botanic Garden. While we don't sell seeds, other botanical gardens may order from our Index Seminumβ€”an international seed exchange among gardens. We do sell other gift items (cash or check only, ATM in the Campus Center lower level):  T-shirts, cards, and booklets about the Botanic Garden. 

Can you answer my plant question?

The Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association has a hotline for general plant care and identification questions: 413-298-5355. Their website (opens new window) has lots of useful information as well.

Are weddings allowed in the greenhouses and gardens?

Sorry, weddings and wedding photography are not allowed in the Lyman Plant House & Conservatory. Contact the Events Management Office, 413-585-2179, to arrange an outdoor wedding and/or wedding photography at Smith College.

What is your photography policy?

Visitors are welcome to take photos for personal, non-commercial use throughout the garden. However, any photography may not block, disrupt or hinder visitor access or circulation of paths and walkways. During the Spring Bulb Show and Fall Chrysanthemum Show, tripods, monopods or any other stationary devices are only permitted in the Lyman Conservatory during member hours (9:00 am – 10:00 am). Drone photography is not permitted under any circumstances. For more information about commercial photography see our Photography Policy. Share your photos to our Flickr group, Facebook Page or Instagram.

Can I do volunteer work at the Botanic Garden?

If you are interested in leading tours of the greenhouses or greeting the visiting public by staffing our Reception Desk on weekends, holidays and during special events, then yes! See our Volunteer page.

How do I book a group?

Advance reservations are required for all groups of ten or more people, whether you are interested in a tour or just visiting on your own. See Group Visits.

Is there a place to eat?

Smith College has a cafe at the Campus Center. Check their website to make sure they are open.

Do you accept plant donations?

Thank you for thinking of us, but the Botanic Garden does not, as a rule, accept plant donations from the general public.

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