2019 Impact Report

Our work is made possible by past and current donors, supporters, and volunteers, and by members of our Friends Advisory Committee.  Donor List 2019 (PDF)

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From work and academics, to play, the Botanic Garden meets all my needs with enthusiastic support and new leads to follow at every turn. I was welcomed in with open arms and every day I am supported on any path that I want to follow. 
-Allison Shoebottom '21 Biology Major and SURF Fellow

I found my place at the Botanic Garden of Smith College when I was a sophomore. It is my favorite place on campus and I can honestly say that every member of the staff has made a positive impact on me not only as a student, but as a colleague. I have learned about the different ways in which plants play a role in our lives through my work at the Botanic Garden. I have experience with the seed exchange, arboretum, and even lab work related to botany, I know all these things will help me in my future career no matter what. 
-Karime Gutierrez '21 Biology and French Major, Intern, Workstudy, AMES Scholar, 


Working with the Botanic Garden in SDS 290, Research Design and Analysis, has really made the course! With the BG staffs' help, students were able to design real-world, context rich projects. This campus-as-classroom experience really made experimentation come alive for the students and I know they won't forget their experiences. The constellation of skills needed for these projects—web coding, photography, survey construction, writing, data analysis, participant recruitment, and teamwork—necessitated an “all hands on deck” approach, where all students needed to be involved for success. 
-Dr. Randi Garcia, Assistant Professor of Psychology and of Statistical & Data Sciences

It is hard to imagine our kindergarten curriculum without the Botanic Garden! It is such a lively part of our plant, life cycle and bulb studies. The students get to have their eyes (and sometimes hands) on so much of what we’re studying and also have exposure to how that growth works on other continents. We love to plan our trips there, ask questions of the people who are part of the horticulture department and Botanic Garden staff. It’s such a gem in our college, school and local community! 
-Louisa Wimberger, First Grade Teacher, Smith College Campus School


Grow Food Northampton's partnership with the Botanic Garden staff and students has played an important role in our Community Farm. Students researched, identified and tagged plants in our 800-foot edible hedgerow. They helped plant, tend and harvest our Giving Garden which provides over 4 tons of food for donation. They played a leadership role in developing and tending the Lydia Child plot, which recognizes the work of early abolitionists to demonstrate that sugar and textiles could be produced without the labor of enslaved people. Working with the BG is about more than plants. It's about community engagement, food justice, and passion to care for our land.  
-Pat James, Interim Executive Director, Grow Food Northampton